Orange landline help

can anyone tell me how to get rid of the letter flashing symbol saying I have a message on my orange landline phone have pressed 3 but its still there and flashing red to say I have a message may be a saved message how do I get rid as driving me mad

have done that still flashing message sign, and now saying something different but don't know what, help what is 1 to confirm suppression and when do I press that please

Listen to the messages one at a time and during each message press 3 to cancel and 1 to confirm the suppression.

We have precisely the same thing. I suspect it is very common. It drives us nuts. We do the same as you Sheila but of course we have those solar cold calls who leave no message and people calling to make enquiries or appointments with my OH who do not leave messages either but call several times until they get a response. So there may well be (for instance) eight showing but only two messages left.

Did you check your messages? Mine disappears as soon as I dial 3103 and save or delete.