Orange LigneFixe "geographic" number issue

Thanks John. I had also assumed that a redirect would be a simple matter of a digital setting somewhere. However so far no joy. I specifically asked why I could not have a redirect of the 0834 number, and got no reply.

You almost certainly can, of course, get the original geographic number linked to the Livebox service (I hesitate to refer to that as VOIP because it is so limited compared with a true VOIP number, even though the underlying technology is probably the same).

The difficulty will be persuading Orange to do it, if they have got it into their heads, that they can’t.

There you go, multiplexed by frequency as I postulated. I’m more a time division multiplexer myself.

You’ll like G.Fast then :slight_smile:

Annoyingly enabled on my cabinet but as it only works to about 100m down line and I’m about 600m away I’m stuck with “plain” VDSL.

I’m not sure the S/W can do that Paul. This telco stuff is, at the end of the day, pretty basic IMO.

I outsourced O2 Ireland about fifteen years ago so we ran all their IT including provisioning etc. Ericsson were the switch providers in those days and their SW IMO was nothing to write home about. I think this Telco stuff Is functional but not elegant code. Maybe it’s all changed for the better? More likely with faster processors, large memories and unlimited storage the quality of the code has deteriotaed.

Aside… Ericsson, an arrogant bunch who thought they had the deal sewn up and wanted to bid jointly with us and give us few crumbs from the table. Someone (the client :slightly_smiling_face:) leaked that their bid code name was Enigma. So I bid alone and I chose Turing as our code name. My team won every component of the deal and wiped their eye. Happy days.

So near and yet so far :slightly_smiling_face: We’re on the “programmé” list for fibre, but at this rate I’ll be dead before it arrives. There’s so much political bullshit about rapidly deploying high speed internet and the “digital divide” and the real progress is pathetic.

Oh for a return to those halcyon days of simple comms…

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It varies, I guess - I never worked on the teleco side but I did work in the industry briefly for Fujitsu in Birmingham but that was on xDSL stuff.

However I’m sure Orange have a few SS7 to VOIP gateways deployed to support the 09 numbers so I’d be surprised if it was beyond their wit to direct geographic numbers to phones plugged into the RJ11 port on a Livebox - indeed it seems to work for Krister and Mark which suggests it should be possible for John and Jane as well.

Whether the port out & back in trick would work I’m not sure - porting is not especially elegant from a technical perspective. The old operator “keeps” the number from the network perspective, then redirects calls to the “new” operator. If it is then ported back all that gets cancelled but I guess Orange would still need the technical ability to route the geographic number to the Livebox - as I said I can’t see why they wouldn’t but that’s no guarantee that they can.

I’ve just checked our 2 telephone N°’s, the 1st is a 01 pour Paris & the 2nd is 03 for Burgundy. We have 09 N°’s for them too ??? BTW with Free cable à Paris & Orange in Burgundy. ???
No help I’m sure, but just to thicken the broth.

Absolutely, IF they have the technical ability. I’m sure an expert could explain to us the inhibiters (if any) that exist in the bowels of the systems. It’d be interesting to know. Maybe there’s a comms geek forum.

Cable is a whole different ballgame isn’t it? Cable is normally a private network.

I think that they must do - looking at the T’s & C’s for the service they can port a number in from another operator so the VOIP bit certainly has the ability to terminate a call.

I should have written technical ability AND commercial will - personally, I dont know. Rather than us amateurs speculating maybe a telco techie could tell us. Anybody know one?

Orange have now (finally) owned up to an off premises line fault (instability)
We have been told to expect a technician to turn up to fix it at some time on Friday ie two days hence.
Despite enquiring, it’s not clear whether that explains the fault on our Geographic number. that I spent a day trying to sort with so many of their staff.
I will update again after the Friday repair.

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Oh well, at least they have admitted the fault.

It is a policy that Orange has pursued in many rural villages here in the Auvergne, and has been for a while. My former neighbour had her old FranceTelecom landline number disconnected when Orange convinced her “in her interest…” to switch to a Livebox.

In three years, “landlines” will disappear anyway. Only Livebox or equivalent if you want internet, or a special “voice-only” box if you insist on phone only.

We went to Orange to cancel out line fixe for our gite because no-one uses it, relying instead on the Livebox 09 number. In the shop the techie then then said something about the internet line which I didn’t properly understand. Fortunately I realised eventually that what he was offereing was to give us the fixed line number on the Livebox with the area code and everything. So we now have the internet phone but with our local o553 code.
Try going to your local shop, if it’s not too late, asking for the same.

Thanks… I will wait to see if we regain the Geog line after the line fault repair today, but I have also found that going directly into the Shop does lead to better results than trying the fairly anonymous online staff.

Hi - I thought I would upgrade this topic to summarise the issues that we have had with Orange since, which now finally seem to be resolved. We have been without the Internet almost all the time since, so unable to post to this forum, since we have no mobile phone reception locally.

On Friday 16th October - when the technician came - all was working OK including the Ligne Fixe Geog.

By Monday 19th the Internet stopped working, the Internet phone etc therefore did not work either… this continued for days.
The only thing that was working again was the Geog Ligne Fixe via the prise on the wall. I was unable to carry out any of the self tests because the system says (even as of today) “Votre service internet est en cours de livraison.” which precludes using the depannage self test tools. (If you drill down a bit further the site gives a link “Suivre l’avancement de votre commande sur… where it then states Vous n’avez aucune commande en cours”. "They appear to remain unable to clear this flag on the system, despite numerous attempts. I rang that day, i.e. on the Monday, and reported this issue. They could not resolve it or explain what the problem was during the hour or so that I spent on the phone. The depannage message then changed to “Désolé, un incident technique est survenu. Votre identification actuelle ne permet pas de tester la ligne internet du contrat sélectionné.”

Tuesday 20th October to Friday 23rd October promised a solution by 8pm that day, no outcome or change.
Each time I contacted them, they spent some minutes on “reading the file” but the files clearly make no sense and provide whatever abbreviations the technical teams put in, which the call centre staff do not comprehend or question.
I finally asked if we could switch back to the previous ADSL service via the phoneline? (I pointed out we now had had 6 weeks of loss of various services)… she said the problem would rest the same, ie we could not now be moved back off fibre, they have to fix it instead. (Most of our neighbours have sensibly not changed. The ones who had upgraded that we were able to check with, had apparently similar problems!)

Saturday 24th October to 30th October - things were working intermittently, but during the day we usually had no service at all.
On the 24th October, their (subcontractor - not Orange staff) technician did turn up, wearing a facemask. He carried out a couple of checks in the house including taking the cover plate off and connecting to the entry box between the external and internal phone lines. He did not find anything. Apparently because of Covid he did not mention or present the usual form to be signed by the customer, but later signed it in in absentia in the customer slot with ‘Covid 19’. This may matter because the form appears to me to state that you have waived some of your rights “vous renoncez en conséquence au dit droit de rétractation.”

From then to the 28th October we had sporadic internet connections, throttled down to about 20mbps downstream, and 1.7mbps upstream.
I regularly tested using the tools recommended by Orange “pour mesurer votre débit de bout en bout, Orange vous recommande d’utiliser le site”.
I then installed a Chrome browser extension that appears to work well… Internet Connection Monitor. It showed how little connectivity to the Internet we had day and night, and also a massive amount of micro-cuts of less than a second. It can export to CSV for analysis in Excel or similar, but the date format needs to be changed before export.
I was promised escalation to the technical troubleshooting team on the Tuesday, with a visit by an “Expert” on the Thursday (as usual this did not happen).

Friday 30th October - things started to improve, we had more regular connection to the Internet and slightly improving speeds.
The soi-disant expert arrived in the late afternoon, similarly wearing a face mask which he then removed. He was our usual local orange linesman. He did all the usual checks, and eventually informed me that as I had believed the problems were with the fibre to the Village, and that the new Fibre “armoire” were flaky. He claimed these problems had been exacerbated by a technical fault induced in many thousands of Liveboxes across France by Orange, now resolved. In his report, also emailed later, and signed Covid 19, he put some abbreviations which may endorse this… “Vos observations : ras / Nos observations : cnx armoire nrahd filtre talone”

Our VDSL2 Internet speed has now got back to the levels prior to all these issues, and has now stabilised at 91 Mbit/s down / 21 Mbit/s upstream. Our Geographic Ligne Fixe has worked reliably for the whole of this period.
Our Geographic Ligne Fixe is still showing as a separate contract to the Livebox/Internet. It appears that all we were told about how we were being compulsorily moved to the Internet Phone connection was untrue, and that the separate Geographic Ligne Fixe contract had also been terminated was also untrue.

The problem?
It seems to me that the biggest problem is that call centre staff that Orange use are under pressure to sign off each case quickly with a positive result, however erroneous, and that the technical staff put abbreviations such as " cnx armoire nrahd filtre talone" which the call centre staff do not understand, and are not prepared to challenge. For us, having the Geographic Ligne Fixe number moved to our Internet Phone is not a solution until or unless we can get a decent mobile phone signal in the house. I have tried everything I can think of for that, including a car antenna outside with cable connection to a holder inside. It improves receipt and dispatch of texts, but nothing more!