Orange Livebox

I am interested to know if anyone has had the same problem as I am encountering with my Livebox, I have a desktop working on Vista which works perfectly with the Livebox but I have bought a laptop which is working on Windows 7 and although it shows that connections are available with the livebox I cannot get it to connect. I have taken it to a friends house who uses a Neufbox and it connected straightaway. Would be grateful for any feedback or suggestions.

Try this with an Orange live box.

  1. type the WEP key into a word processing programme and then copy the word - this saves you typing it in every time.
  2. Find the network on your laptop and request to connect
  3. paste the wep into the initial box an the validation box
  4. then go to the livebox anfd press the button that looks like a transmitter mast
  5. wait 5 seconds
  6. then press your "connect to this network" on the laptop

this should sort it out. if not, let me know