Orange mobile

Hi all..

After poor service from the FREE network in France I am thinking of changing to Orange.

I already have an Orange Livebox for phone & internet in the house. As my French is not so good (yet) I have a bit of difficulty understanding the Orange website, do any members know of any good deals I can ask for if I add my mobile their network..

I don't need a new phone, just the sim....

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Checkout out their 'Open' plans - from 37E / month for telephone (includng free landline to landline calls to more than 100 countries), TV, internet and a mobile. The final price depends on the mobile plan you choose.

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Please reconsider using Orange. Their services are very expensive, their customer services poor and you are most certaily going to be subject to a host of Arnac attempts as their customer security is appalling. Do consider an alternative before exposing yourself to their services.

Orange have an English Service phone number 09 69 36 39 00 that may be of help to you as you navigate the different price plans.

My understanding is that Free use the Orange network (at least in 06) ... you may end paying more for the same service. We are Free subscriber ...we don't have amazing speed/coverage, but moving to Orange wouldn't help. And the Pass Destination is amazing, we have used in Italy, UK, Ireland, even the US. Unbeatable value