Organ donors - is there a national scheme in France

Just wondered if anyone knows if there is a national organ donor scheme here in France. The UK one has done really well lateley , but of course we are not based there anymore.

Any advice/information on how to become a donor here would be welcomed.


yeah Nico, I thought anyone having had a transfusion at any time was automatically barred from giving blood which seems fair enough to me - it's good to have strict guidelines in my opinion

Nathou isn’t allowed to give blood either Pete, and she is frencher than Francois Dufranc. She had a transfusion in the late 80s following a car crash where she nearly lost her leg. Because of the untraceability of the blood she was given (and even though we now have two fit and healthy boys) she is still not allowed to give blood.

I was only thinking about this the other day and now here it is! the power of thought is amazing.

My late wife was a doner kidney recipient so I am quite keen to donate mine or anything else they might like I will look into it

thanks for the link

Oh yes, it is quite strict. Last week I had angioplasty and had my blood card with me when I was admitted, they have told me I cannot donate any longer. The same goes for other donations. So actually, good point made there Peter, everybody check on what is allowed after what and when because whilst I have no idea about UK rules, I know that my corneas on my German card were struck out by me becoming 50, over 60 now my kidneys are off the list. I suspect that nothing much is left bar the card as a form of id if all else is forgotten!

the blood donation used to be quite strict when I offered my blood in the late 80s - I was told I needed to be resident in France 15 years before I would become eligible, and that's after I had tests to make sure I was 'clean'.

organ donation was more straightforward though bone-marrow donation used to have a cut-off age of 50 plus certain conditions relating to the general state of health ie. the weight of the donor etc I was told I was too heavy at 15 stones to become a bone-marrow donor for example !

you need to check present guidelines of course - the ADOT site wil probably tell you all you need to know

You're welcome!

Thank you for your birthday wishes, Catherine. I have tried to contact you before but was unsuccessful.

OK, timing wise my German blood donor card shows I mainly gave there until 1989 (lazy really, the donor clinic was less than 20 metres from the entrance to where I lived in Berlin) where there have only ever been about 300 cases of BSE and almost no, if any vCJD. When I went to find out, actually carrying several German donor cards, they did ask several times if I have ever had a transfusion or blood during invasive surgery in the UK, which I never have. The 'joke' here is that I find the Bergerac blood bank such a mess I can't be bothered any longer.

None of us who were in the UK during the mad cow disease problem can - they simply don't want to know. Here it is in black and white ;-)

I'm the same Brian but always thought I couldn't give blood due to mad cow disease?

I'm a universal donor O Rhneg. Thankyou but no thankyou.

Ironically, I presented them with both my UK and German blood donor cards and was in like that. Mind you, I am also B Rh Pos, which is less than 10% of the population in France so they grabbed me.

Thank you both for the information - all very useful.

It occurred to me after I had posted that Brits may not be eligible. I can't give blood because the French government is very cautious about introducing BSE induced Kreutzfeld-Jacob disease. Maybe check with your doctor first.

David got it up before me. You can also go to your regular doctor and ask to be joined up from there.

Yes there is and there is a donor card

has the details and you can subscribe on-line