Organic plants....Would you buy them over normal plants?

As I am involved in plant producing and selling I was wondering if any of you keen gardeners would buy plants with “AB” organic status.

OK I think that It won’t happen now. There are laws covering you the consumer (and they are right)) and cost involved in card payments that do not make it worth while either way… sorry I did think that organic costs, and it really does…

Same goes for me!

Dave - feel free to post away / organise etc here. It may also be that there are people on SF who are not in the group but would still be interested? So may be you should post on the main page too? And put it on the FB page?

Ok I have spent a few hours mulling this over and won’t go into the boring details on a gardening page (maybe a future post for a business group) but the selling of organic seeds online will happen if people show enough interest. What would be good to know is what would your shopping list be? We can source organic seed for most herbs, veg and fruit. Basically to be realistic and honest it would not be worth while for me or you to deal with an order for just a couple of packs of seeds, but I think a selection of maybe 5-10 packs may work well. If this is of interest you can mail me a list so we don’t clog this site up or if everyone is interested post the list here.

Hi Helen.

We are not currently set up for mail order, as we grow plants from seed to sell at markets and from our premises, but I could look into it. Oranic seeds are difficult to find online in France and delivery charges from UK suppliers seem quite high. As we purchase vast amounts of seeds we could order more to distribute throughout France or take advance orders. I am thinking as I type, but basically the answer seems to be yes. I just need to sort the logistics and a cost effective safe payment method.

No problem about talking ‘work’ Dave - its an interesting subject. A couple of years back I grew all our veggies from organic seed from the UK (mail order was way cheaper than buying from a French garden centre) and the germination rates were fabulous. I haven’t done enough gardening to say whether all the resulting plants were better but being a bit panicked about growing things from seed, I’d bought some tomato plants too and my home germinated organic toms were in a league of their own compared to the bought ones. Healthy, productive and very very tasty…

The tomatillos were especially good!

And as for costs I am sure we can produce our plants, herbs and fruit n veg for the same price with organic status if it was not for the vast costs involved. And of course if the average Joe on the street sees the AB logo they instantly assume it is gonna be expensive. sorry I am talking work on a garden forum but please keep leaving those replies


Thanks for the reply we do use “organic” methods to bring our plants to life we cannot sell them as organic due to not being signed up as “AB” organic. There are some serious costs involved so I would just like to know before spending time and cash. Your comments have made me think maybe or maybe not, to sell something so main line as a tomato that is not going to produce good fruit may go against us more than the “AB” going for us. We will continue with our methods. We have trialed organic seed stock this year so we will see…