Orthodontist, Orthophonist & Ophthalmologists

I should add that I am just off to the doctor for a prescription and protocol for allergic daughter's school ! Lol.

I know how it feels Suzanne! I have 3 children , now aged 15-17. To your list we add broken bones, 1 visit to sport doctor who sent us to a check with a cardiologist (nothing really to worry about, phew) plenty x rays and stitches in our time, allergist (which is more serious), neurologist, psychiatrist and then add gynae for routine women's check, urologist and more kine ..... etc. We are very grateful for the care we receive but all this is a full time job to manage. Waiting times for opthalmo and the allergist are a joke (march next year or october next year for eyes so we will take a long trip to Ireland at half term).

Before we came here we took the occasional dose of calpol for the kids and lived with a headache rather than take pills. Hubby so far has not registered with a doctor ! Perhaps all this toing and froing is that I don't have a full time job so can accommodate it all. Don't dare to think how parents with full time jobs pull it off or perhaps they take the recommendations with a pinch of salt? What do others think?

I am beginning to feel slightly hypochondriac to say the least and I feel very sorry for my mutuelle company!!

Mmm, when I discussed increasing our mutuelle when I started to need glasses our friendly insurance agent advised against it. She told me to wait till the kids were bigger (they were only babies at the time), check with the dentist then use the extra money to pay for increased dental cover for the kids instead.

Curious, my daughter is also to see an orthophonist - why would you have a choice between an orthophoniste and a kine? Surely they are very different disciplines?

My kids have teeth all over the shop. Not going for braces or straightening or anything of the sort as they are their teeth. I have the impression that in France, everyone must have perfectly straight teeth (or the dentists have found something to sell).

Unless it is a health probem, I wouldn't bother, its an aesthetic expense that nine times out of ten makes the kid suffer for no real gain (ie have the same smile as the next person in the queue).

Suz - all my three have had braces and Tilly is now on her second attempt (lower jaw issues all of them) - lets sort out a time to speak on the phone next week and I will give you the heads up on the mutuelle / secu / treatment costs issues and my thoughts on the subject as I think you need to proceed with caution on the teeth front at this stage...xx