Our car has died

(Elizabeth Cox) #1

Can someone please confirm exactly what is expected when a car is no longer drivable and you want it destroyed.

I am sure a good mechanic would get it up and running again but as it is 26 years old and pretty worn out, it would be an unneccesary expense. CT and insurance due in June.

What paperwork do we need to give the garage that is taking it? I know the carte grise is one but is there anything else.

(Mandy Davies) #2

It’s explained here.

(Elizabeth Cox) #3

Thanks Mandy.

Now why didn’t I think of that? First time I suppose that I have had to destroy a car, very sad.
As we cannot drive it and our local garage is going to collect it and deal with it, I assume they will fill in the cerfa form 15776*01 as they will be taking it to the VHU center.

(Mandy Davies) #4

You’re welcome. I would probably have a copy of the form available in case they won’t complete it for you.

Best of luck with it x

(Elizabeth Cox) #5

Hi Mandy,

Just an update. Garage came and took Betsy away today. We had 26 years of great motoring in it but she, like us, is showing signs of wearing out and her time had come. Thanks for your info, worked perfectly with no fuss or bother. When the next one is due for the knackers yard, I will know what to do.

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(Mandy Davies) #6

I’m so pleased it all went smoothly for you xx