Our first 'huge' booking

I know this is going to sound silly to some of you - but to us taking todays booking is sooooooo exciting.

We have had 2 other bookings for single rooms, which of course is brilliant, but todays was for every B & B room in the house for 2 nights... so it gives us hope that opening up our B & B was the right thing to do... and to get the booking for next year now - is also so great......whats more 25% deposit transferred into our account immediately... and I wasn't expecting that..

Am I alone in this sort of excitement - or did anyone else who set up a B & B leaped up and yelled yippee - after they put the phone down....





Good luck and just keep in mind that the word of mouth is worth sooooo much!

Post comments and pictures anywhere you may be able to as it sure helps!

Bonne chance!

Hi Christine

I understand your excitement as we have only just opened up a B&B this summer. We find that sometimes we are busy and then we can have a couple of quiet weeks.

thank you - I hope to be complacent about it all and get full rooms every day - but the first time has to be celebrated...lol - complacent but still offering 1st class customer service...lol

that's brillant...it is a great thrill and enjoy the moment !

Christine, that is fantastic news ! I don't have a B & B but I am happy for you and it is nice that they have paid a deposit and to know that you are full up for two days at least , you are doing something right and are advertising in the right place!