Our French life - The end at last!

I can't remember the last time I finished the ironing and saw the bottom of the ironing basket but today I have achieved that illusive Goal, many times I have attempted it and many times I have failed, I think I have finally understood why people do things like climb impossible mountains or go potholing, in the past I have always been the one to say Why! what drives people to do such stupid things, Once when asked why did you do it, Sir Edmund Hilary (at least I think it was him) replied "because it was there" well the ironingwas always there but it didn't seem to enthuse me to do it in fact it was always easier to say "I will tackle it tomorrow" - Procrastination is the thief of time as they say.

Here is the evidence

I have even dried washing outside and ironed that too before it rained again, Mind you I now have to put it away, that is a different matter but the feeling I have knowing I have conquered it is immense and will surely do it again.

The weather here in St Aignan Sur Roe is very much like April in as much as one minute the sun is shining and the next it is raining or hailing, we are also expecting thunder at some point this afternoon, I am looking out at the rain and thinking when am I going to be able to start the big clean up and get some planting done so that we have veg for the summer months at least. but at the same time we are taking a trip to England so might be better to leave everything until we get back and hopefully it will be a bit warmer and hope and pray drier.

It is time to think about tonight’s dinner and we have decided on a Chili con Carne, John is a hot and spicy sort of chap, we always say he was born in the wrong country. luckily there is always creme fraiche in the fridge to take the smouldering heat out for me…
I will let you know how it went tomorrow.

  • Climb small mountains

  • Never procrastinate

  • Always have Creme Fraiche in the fridge