Our Life in France

Our Life in France

Our life in France - Partying with the French.

The weekend comes and goes so quickly especially when you are enjoying yourself.

Saturday was the usual shopping day for us but we had been invited to a birthday bash, Champagne and finger food, just the sort we like, it always seems so much more relaxed than sitting round a table eating a set meal when there are quite a few people you don't really know (friends of friends) and especially when you don't speak each others language.

It was the 40th Birthday of our friend Rick, this is him below with the silly Birthday cake hat...

The french love to talk and I would love to talk to them but my french lets me down all the time, every time it happens I promise to learn better French but it never happens, maybe when I have more time, I know I should, I shouldn't expect them to speak my language, after all we are in their country...anyone out there recommend any good, easy ways to learn french? all answers in comments please ..

I love the way the French enjoy their food no matter what it is and always happy to try new aperitif.

My contribution to the food were the little blinis with creme fraiche mixed with a little horseradish sauce topped with chopped smoked salmon, they went down a treat and a friend, Karen had done these gorgeous gallette spread with garlic cheese rolled up then sliced into little rounds, yummy,. there were lots of samosa things, garlicbread, sausage rolls french style, pasta in sauce and quiche...lots to drink although I was on water as it was my turn to drive. we had a thoroughly lovely time and it was lovely to see Neil and Hayley again from England.

There was a little 7 month old and an 9ish year old there and we never heard a peep from either, children here are so well behaved.

So for the next party I will be more fluent I promise. and it definitely won’t be my turn to drive.