‘Our ministers are philistines’: Elton John outraged as Brexit hits musicians

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These would mainly be the artists that live overseas and pay very little tax in the U.K.?

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Apparently Bruce Dickenson has woken up to the problems Brexit is causing - well, the idiots in charge as the EU offered access and was turned down - and is not happy.

Sorry, Bruce perhaps you should not have supported Leave or been as sanguine about the problem in 2018

I still like their music - but what a dick.

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No, it would be the hundreds thousands of people who live and work in the UK in the music and live performance industries and generate billions of taxable revenue in the uk, not the 20 people you’re referring to. Which is precisely the point, the 20 are fine, the rest most certainly are not.


This is the true tragedy of brexit, isn’t it? For the wealthy it is at worst a minor inconvenience - whether they want to move to Europe, or study there, or tour there, or even just go on holiday there, it is no problem if you have enough money and an assistant to do the extra paper work. The opportunities it has taken away have all been taken from the UK’s young and hard-pressed.



Edit: that is to say I agree, not that it is especially positive.

Fecking idiot. in my youf I made the painful discovery that people that I admired for one reason, music, sport, etc. didn’t stop them from being idiots in other aspects of their lives.

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Know just what you mean John. For me, it’s actors whose art and talent I have hugely admired who (seemingly) have behaved appallingly.

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The other thing I learned is that the rich - even the extremely rich who may have earned their own money - aren’t necessarily that bright nor that good.

Amazing how these insights into the negligence of the UK government in its EU trade agreement just keep coming…

Isn’t it funny, when it’s ordinary people who suffer from the limitations Brexit has brought it doesn’t get a mention, but now it’s the ‘celebs’ it makes front page news. It makes my blood boil, if Bruce Dickinson or Madame Elton John turned up at my house they’d have a bucket of cold water over them.

Elton John supported Remain, so probably no need for a cold shower on that front.

Dickenson, however… (Daltrey as well).

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Well, he can be a bit precious :laughing:

Surely it is either Monsieur Reg pre 1972, Monsieur Elton post 1972, or Madame Sharon at any time?

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No not really. Lord Lloyd Webber is also shouting from the rooftops about the appalling treatment that theatre, especially his musicals has received from this government and has said if he knew how appalling they were going to be he would have never have voted for them.
Like many more I wouldn’t wonder.

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The football proves money talks.