Our own SF Dog Heaven

Hi everyone. It has come to my notice that the biggest wrench when you have a dog is losing a dear friend.

I thought it might be a nice idea to put Pictures on this discussion of Dogs That we Lose, and then they are in a place where we can go back and reminisce and just enjoy the memories.

Hope that is OK with everyone ( I am sure it will be as truly doggie people treat their dogs as friends or members of their family. )

Fran perhaps you could start with your little treasure Zuki the Shih tzu.

The more I think about this , the more I think it is an excellent idea.

Here are my two best mates that I lost last year, and that nearly finished me off. Luckily I had good friends around me and Survive France to pour my energies into. Gina xx

Lovely idea Gina. I will sort some out xx

Thank you for putting in all that energy Gina!

Fran X