Our Plant Swap afternoon

On the last Friday in May (31st this year) we will be holding a plant swap. This ties in with our bi-monthly book swap. People turn up with excess plants and swap for something they would like. eg, arrive with too many tomato plants, and change for some marigolds, etc etc. If you would like to come but have nothing to swap we leave a donations box for a euro or two if you wish to take away something. We have donated to our village youth club, and the Mairie's church restoration fund so far in the last 4 years that we have done this, and it is very popular.
A lovely afternoon out with tea, coffee, homemade cakes and lots of good people all with the same interests. We have a lovely garden too so you can wander there and look at the hens, geese, ducks, chicks etc. Some very interesting swaps have turned up in the past!!
We also do the same at the end of September...this is more for seeds, cuttings, produce etc, but this spring one is for young plants mainly.
And bring along books to swap if you wish!
We are situated in the south of Indre, near St Benoit du Sault. My email address is
Richard.Clarke@wanadoo.fr and if you email me I can forward a map so you can find your way, and I can answer any questions you may have.

Yes, Pauline, the plant/book swap is this Friday, 30th May from 2pm. We have them twice a year, end of May and end of September, as subsidiaries to the book swap. It's a good afternoon.

How did the plant swap go? Are you having another this year? We participated in a municipal troc plantes at Petit Pressigny earlier this month, which was good fun, but my prime objective was to dispose of (give away) excess plants, and we came home with more than we took...

Is there anything like this near Capestang? This is exactly what I am looking for!