Our property is for sale

It will take some time to sell our property.

In the mean time I suggest ' Try, relax, explore and learn'.
The idea behind this is to allow would be purchasers to enjoy a three day

break or a vacation involving a detailed exploration of the concept of operating a

high end bed and breakfast with possabilities of adding all sorts of extra dimensions.

We have been here nearly 9 years and can offer a detailed account of life in our region.

Of course we will cook for you and take you to some lovely places.

For details regarding the sale of the property and staying here please contact me.

There are available spots available in summer....but not a lot.

PS....we shall be staying here in France...when we sell.

There has been some interest.

The property is 33O M HAB and there is a Pigionier, pool and 3 acres.

The price is 630.000 euros.

Interior designed by us with the help of a French maitre d 'ouevre.