Our way of life

I have been here for four years and study the people around me: natives and settlers.

There is an essential ingredient needed for life here in France...especially the countryside.

It is vital to be able to adapt and develope hidden or new skills.

At the same time tune into whatever you are best at.

I think that you know what I mean.
How many of us grow some fruit and vegetables, keep chickens, make a few

tablecloths for the village fete...or for ourselves.

We can survive in France better because we have the land to grow and the chance to use

our property for purpose of raising income. Chambre d hote, git es, tea shop, dress exchange.

The opportunities are there. You just have to use your imagination.

And then work hard at what you discover.

We teach people to cook....We have done that in London for years...training young people

from the begining and RE directing their energy. We are not a cooking school. We have a chambre d hote and cook for our clients. We are going to enjoy in fruit/veg exchange.

Helping in any way we can to develope the regions tourism.....THIS helps you.

We have ....on the boil autumn to spring private dining club ideas which will enable

the winegrowers to enjoy 100% private dining exsperiences and to bring along their own


To my mind it is no longer possible to be the sort of person who can work at one job

and expect to be employed forever and a day.

I think that most of you have seen this for yourselves?

ites, tea shops,