Outbuildings.....what do you do with yours?!

Morning all,

I’m working on a feature about outbuildings and I thought it might be fun to include some uses…

I’m hoping that some of you do something interesting/ whacky / bizarre in yours ( no smut please!!), but in any case, it would be really great to hear about your outbuildings and what you use them for?

Thanks very much!

My house must be the only one in rural France not to have any outbuildings…
I’ve had to build everything here

No outbuildings - yet - at our house in Carmaux!

Our house came with a derelict wood turners’ workshop, which we have transformed into our gîte (complete with pullies and tools). We have a barn that we have inserted a mezzanine into to make a jardin d’hiver, as can’t have greenhouses here because of the snow. And we’ve built a small folly using the stone that was left over when we punched holes in the atelier to make more windows in the upper floor.

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We use our very constructively - it is the Salle de Ping Pong!


Only a small brick store full of umbrellas and sunbeds and a garden shed here.