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(Peter Goble) #2

My threshold of interest in Space Mystery stories is never triggered by anything less than little green men with pointy heads sprouting an antenna with a revolving mirror who squeak “you-have-nothing-to-fear-earthling-we-come-in-peace-from-a-distant-galaxy-take-us-to-your-leader.”

Anything below that threshold is bo-ring :confused:

So-rry :cry:

(stella wood) #3

:joy::rofl: years ago, I knew someone who worked in US for their space projects… investigating … “Life, but not as we know it”… you and he would probably have got on like a house on fire, Peter … :wink::grin::grin:

(Helen Wright) #4

I’ve been watching reports that earths magnetosphere is being bombarded with huge blasts of energy at the minute…it started around 1st January and 7th 8th and into this morning the blasts of energy have been almost continuous…

As we are electro magnetic beings then our own energy fields are affected…physical symptoms for sensitive individuals are not being able to sleep…or overwhelming tiredness during the day/sleeping for hours more than usual…headaches…digestive unrest/the feeling of food just sitting in the stomach…impatience…sudden anger/the feeling of being on a short fuse…

(Peter Goble) #5

I think it’s more likely to be me that’s bombarding the magnetosphere with disruptive bursts of negative energy, Helen, I’ve always had a thing about the magnetowhateveritcallsitself, it’s too s*dding attractive for its own good!

I’ve been wondering for weeks why I can’t budge myself and spend all day mooching round the house in a dressing gown, scarf and wooly hat instead of tidying up the garden and digging up the slimy leeks the frost got at Christmas.

Now I know it’s the magnetodrear playing silly boogers with my astral body. :cry:

PS Seriously, your protective muse has given me information I can well make use of, so thanks, I feel much more positive already xx

(Peter Goble) #6

I crewed on the Starship Enterprise, Stella, it was my job to polish the knobs on the dashboard, wipe the windscreen free of fingermarks, and clean the toilets. Spock never flushed the loo, and never replaced the toilet rolls when they ran out.

Every time Captain Kirk said “It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it” every member of the crew except Dr Spock got the giggles and pulled faces behind Kirk’s back, and he always looked puzzled and slightly uncomfortable. Kirk was a jerk, but don’t tell the kids, it might spoil their fun. :joy:

(stella wood) #7

:grinning::sunglasses:I used to really enjoy the original Star Trek series… within the family, we still use such phrases as “beam me up Scotty”… “live long and prosper”… Nowadays, with my dodgy hands, it is not so easy to do the Vulcan greeting, so I give folk a hug and a kiss on both cheeks… :hugs:

(Jane Williamson) #8

Unfortunately I am now living through life with Jim, but not as we knew it.
Off to Macon through the snow to get our CdS.

(stella wood) #9

Take care in the snow… I’m not allowed outside in such conditions…:wink:

(Paul Flinders) #10

The magnetosphere is constantly bombarded with “huge amounts of energy” in the form of charged particles originating from the sun - it is what causes the aurorae, and the presence of the magnetosphere is what keeps radiation levels at ground level low enough to have allowed life on Earth to get going.

It goes up and down a bit as the “solar wind” varies but it’s not an on/off phenomenon.

(Helen Wright) #11

The last time it happened was in Oct 2016 explainable because of large coronal holes facing earth…

We are now in a solar minimum and the coronal holes are minuscule but the magnetosphere is still currently registering huge blasts of energy…every midnight it’s been going crazy (almost like it’s on a timer…!)

Along with that we have the magnetic North Pole moving so quickly that the world magnetic model is having to be updated again…it was updated in 2014 which should have been ok until 2020 but had to be updated yet again 4 months ago…but its still moving so quickly that it’s got to be updated again this month…

No idea if the two are related…

NASA has put out a little infographic about symptoms…


(Mark Robbins) #12

The magnetic pole positions are due to changes in the spin of the earths core (As far as I can remember)

(Helen Wright) #13

Anyone seeing or getting photos of Jupiter…???

Strangely our magnetosphere has continued to be “bombarded”…what I personally find incredibly odd is this…

Time is man made…a man made illusion…the universe has no concept of time no concept of the man made 24 hour clock…so why has the magnetosphere been going awol at every midnight…at every 12 o clock for days…???

(David Martin) #14

Time is more than a man made phenomenon, the universe demonstrates amazing patterns of time. The most obvious being the times taken for the Earth to rotate once and to orbit the sun. My favourite however are the two to do with the moon.
The moon rotates about its axis, it also orbits the Earth. The time taken for these two acts are exactly the same. The result is that despite rotating the moon always displays the same face to the Earth. Nobody on Earth has ever seen the other side, the Dark Side of the Moon. If there was even a microsecond’s difference between the two periods of time, over time, the whole of the Moon’s surface would have been visible.

(Mark Robbins) #15

Synchronous rotation arising from tidal forces between the earth and moon.

(David Martin) #16

It’s fascinating and as you point out it’s the gravitational force of the moon that causes many of the tidal patterns on Earth.

(Helen Wright) #17

Is it China that is currently on “the far side of the moon”…??? I may have that wrong…I’ve always been fascinated by the recurring 369 patterns…circumferences of planets and distances…and how nature grows and expands in spirals and never in straight lines…

Lately I’ve read the declassified “CIA Adam and Eve story” and the various controversies and explanations surrounding that and who wrote it and I find myself thinking…yeah ok…but why now…???

(Paul Flinders) #18

Except those who have looked at the photos :slight_smile:



The moon is slowly moving away from the earth at the rate of 38mm per year, and the two periods are not always exactly the same so we can actually see fractionally over 50% of the lunar surface from the Earth.

As the moon moves away it causes the length of the terrestrial day to fractionally increase - by 23 microseconds per year. In fact at some point it is estimated that both the Earth and moon would both have locked their rotation and orbit rates so would each only see one side of the other - however at 50 billion years in the future this is longer than the length of time the solar system is expected to last.

Courtesy of Wikipedia for the details

(Helen Wright) #19

Are we confident that we can trust Wikipedia to tell us how it is…??? x :grinning:

(Mark Robbins) #20

But we’ve (mostly) all listened to it :sunglasses::sunglasses: