Outlook (or Orange) cuts off messages after photo from i-pad or i-phone

I have a very strange phenomenon with the interaction between i-pad/i-phone, orange (maybe) and outlook (maybe)
If someone sends me an email from their i-pad or i-phone and they embed a photo within the text I never receive any additional text written AFTER the photo.
For example, a guest coming to our gite next year sent me an email greeting via her i-pad with a photo of the Don overflowing, and (as I thought) nothing more.
Fortunately, she then sent me a PS with the original email attached and there was a whole load of additional text after the photo saying she wanted to change the day they were arriving!!! Thank heavens she did - otherwise I would have just thought, how interesting she’s sent me an email showing they’ve been flooded and thought nothing more about it.
Has anyone else ever had experience of something like this? And if so, have you found a way to solve it? I’d be grateful for any help/advice please. Obviously, as in the case above, the missing text may be very important.
Unfortunately I’ve no idea where the removal of any text after the photo may be happening - their i-pad/i-phone, my ISP (orange) or Outlook on my computer.

If you log in to your Orange account https://messagerie.orange.fr/mail.html is the message in full there (suggesting an issue with Outlook)?

Unfortunately Graham, Orange does not store my messages. So now that the message is in my inbox it’s no longer on my Orange webmail. (That’s another issue I have with Orange/Outlook!)