Outside the dark room!

Hi Everyone

As some of you know, another member of The Darkroom, Denise Gilchrist and I, went out on Tuesday - we climbed a local mountain and took our cameras with us. We felt that this “adventure” was well and truly “outside” the Dark Room and that the experience would be good for us as we both have new cameras to learn about, and to learn how well all the features work. So some of these photographs are from Denise and some are from me - but we invite your comments accordingly.



Love the colour of the rocks. Unfortunately here in the Bearn, buildings are constructed of rocks but most are rendered with concrete.

Yeah, let me know!

Marseillan or Meze maybe. The oyster beds look fantastic in photos!

You can’t beat Cornwall. Newlyn and Mousehole. These were taken on my old Panasonic Bridge. Can’t wait to get back with the new Camera. Its like going back in time.

I love the colours in the water shot.

If you’re coming Béziers way let me know!

Looks gorgeous! And the pics are great (spot the non photographer - sorry I know I shouldn’t say pics!!)

Lovely setting for your outing!