Over Bed Mosquito Nets and Frames

Has anyone found an over bed mosquito bet and frame please.

They seem to be sold separately and we thought we had matched up what was advertised, but unfortunately not.

I am a prime target for these blighters and flies, so help would be appreciated.

Here’s a pop-up one that may fit the bill:

Any of these any use?


Thank you for all of your suggestions.
I want a net for a single bed, fixed, with a side opening.
I don’t think that is asking too much, but it is so difficult to find.

If you find one with a frame, ideally supported by floor not ceiling, please post.

Camping shops are a good source of nets with no frame that you suspend from a single point. But at home, a frame would be nicer.

There is one I saw, they do singles and doubles, I’ll look again
This page seems to have a bit of choice

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We have a frame, but the net that appeared to be able to go over the frame, does, in fact, not reach to the ground.

You may find it easier to buy one that hangs from a hook (or hooks) in the celing. We have those and they are very effective - and easy to take off and wash when required.

We had one of those when we lived in Germany, it was a wooden ring which hung from the ceiling and over which was draped the net, said net reaching all the way to the ground. Don’t remember now whether it had an opening. From Ikea.


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I have had these and I think that one on a frame would suit me better.

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If you really want a frame why not make one?

Because they are cheaper to buy and Jim makes so many things that it would be way down his list!

How about something like this - reasonably rigid with a zip opening?

If you buy a frame but can not source the type pattern of netting . You are pretty handy with needle and tread and maybe a machine, you then can have a be spoke JW work of loving art. Sorry forgot to mention buy the netting of your choice to do so.

I really don’t like that and I think it would look awful in my bed room., but thanks.

I am a knitter, not a sewer and I couldn’t guarantee the outcome.

Did you look on Manomano that @vero did screen shots of? They seem to have a bit of choice?

Yes, I had looked previously.

Nothing you liked?