Over declaration to C.I.P.A.V

Since starting my business in 2006 I have been declaring and subsequently paying contributions to them based on my Revenu BRUT and not Revenu NET as I should have been doing. I have phoned them and as instructed sent off a registered letter with all supporting documentation asking for a refund of the overpaid amount.

Has anyone had a similar experience as this and were you successful in obtaining a reimbursement? Any tips would be gratefully received.

Just by way of an update, my ovepayment was refunded last week as promised. So the system does work.

The letter to C.I.P.A.V was sent on 20th and a reply was received this morning detailing each year's payments, what should have been paid and what was overpaid. Looks like I'm due a refund of €14,150 which will be made directly to my bank account. Happy days

Hi Rachael. Yes revenu NET is after my 50% abbattment (I.e allowance for expenses). I'll update the post if there are any developments.

Hi Julian, I have not had experience of this, but am interested to follow this discussion in order to learn. When you say your Revenu NET what do you mean exactly? Do you mean after taking your expenses into consideration? CIPAV is a "complement de retraite" I believe? At the moment I cannot afford to have one of those, but I would like to look into it as the basic retirement will be hardly anything I hear. Good luck with your reimbursement!