Over the Limit

A recent blog in Bi-Polar went a bit hors piste from the original question, but it would be good to throw it open to a wider audience.

In general who would you say has the biggest leaning towards alcohol consuption. The Brits or the French.

A couple of arguments have been thrown up such as my (French) OH and her family have owned bars or been in the bar business in France for nigh on 80 years now, but to look at them, they are nearly tea total.

I work in the French construction industry and see tools down and corks a poppin' from midday onwards on most sites, simply because the site personnel do not believe wine or beer to be alcohol.

Then we have other of examples such as "Who's you're British friend asleep in the corner there? Oh him, he tried to ge round for round, neat Pastis with the guys from the rugby team over there."

So who consumes the most and would you say between the two what are the differences in the way it's consumed? What are your experiences?