Owners have just moved out leaving the dog in the barn

I'm posting this in Pet Rescue and the Dogs Group in case anyone has any immediate thoughts or suggestions.

A couple of days ago one of my neighbours asked me if I knew anyone who wanted their dog, a cross border collie, as they were moving to a nearby town and weren't going to take her with them. If no-one was interested they'd send her to the SPA.

This evening another neighbour came round and said the couple had apparently moved out yesterday morning and have simply locked the dog in the barn where it's been ever since, barking and carrying on. I don't know about the food/water situation and when (or even if) the owner intends to come back.

I don't know what the SPA's position is on this and how long it has to be before a dog is classified as abandoned/neglected/whatever.

I can't take the dog in because she tries to attack my cats on sight and attempted to bite my foot when I walked to the bus stop the other day. I also obviously have Twerp's safety to think about. My other neighbour who told me of the situation also can't take her because she has two small dogs.

This will be the dog's second night in the barn. I will pop round tomorrow to see if there's any sign of the owner. I am assuming he has sold the property, or is in the process of doing so, as they have just moved to a new house. If he's not there I'll try to (extremely carefully) open the barn to check for water/food.

The problem is that she was neglected long time before and that's why she is "aggressive". She is simply not clear in her head! This is why she was biting your feet and it will take a long time to train her basic "social" behavior. And if she is older then 3 years, she will be always a risk, or at least good for "sudden surprises". Like a driving license, people should go through some vetting before keeping a dog.
But, with a small child at home, there is no way you can do something else then using legal matters SPA or vet and ASAP! I only feel comfortable with Rottweilers and other self-confident dogs, otherwise I would even consider to take her here.

Thank you, I appreciate it. Let's both keep fingers crossed that something can be arranged quickly so she's out of that cold bloomin' barn.

all the same - I dread to think what would happen to that poor dog if you hadn't taken an interest

Thank you, but I'm not the one who can help her. She deserves a nice life and it will be the SPA who give her the best chance of that.

Valerie - thank goodness this dog has you!

Possibly resolution to report. I spoke with the owner this morning (and I saw the dog eating so that's good). He's not had success finding her a home and is willing to sign the dog over to the SPA if they come and collect her. He doesn't have time to drive her there because of house moves, arguing with EDF etc. I sent the information off immediately and am waiting to hear if anything can be arranged.

do not hesitate - contact the SPA immediately - that poor dog!

Hi Theo. First of all, welcome to the Dogs group which I hope you find useful and secondly thank you for your response. It still appalls me that luckily only a select few think it 'normal' simply to get rid of pets when they're no longer useful or welcome. I know it's common practice but I can't get my head around the mentality. Anyway, I'm still harbouring the hope that the owner is unbeknownst to me actively looking for a new home for this dog though from the way he was speaking I think it would only be a 20% effort, if that. I know the poor thing hasn't had a very good life so far and it's made her slightly aggressive. This is the main reason I will not offer to babysit her while he finds her a home as I simply could not trust her with my son or my own animals.

I'm going to check on her again in the morning and if the owner shows up to collect more things from the house I'll try and find out his plans, if any.

Have had a similar case a while ago where 2 border collies came on my land, loaded them into the car, got them to the vet, she was checking the chip, looked up the owner and gave them a call. Yes, I know, the owner is known, but this way it will be embarrassing for them to be called by a vet... Not sure that it will help and they do not dump the dog then elsewhere, but surley the vet will know whats best.

Thank you ladies. My hopes soared this morning because I saw the owner there loading up the car and the dog was running around outside. I wasn't in a position to speak to him and unfortunately when I went round he had gone and the dog is locked back in the barn. At least if he is returning, she will hopefully have food/water but obviously no 'toilet breaks'. The barn door is solid and I believe actually locked.

I'm keeping eyes peeled and will try to find out the owner's intentions next time I see him. If he is not about to rehome her, I will suggest he at least takes her to the SPA sooner rather than later, especially with temperatures falling. Some lovely SPA ladies are aware of the situation and I will keep them updated.

Hi Valerie, I agree with the other comments. Try to leave some food and water if you can do so safely and then contact the SPA tomorrow. Not sure if the police would really be interested but hopefully the SPA should be able to take the dog. Can't believe these people can be so cruel!

not the first time someones done this ..... really unkind to abandon like that in the winter.Definately get in to give food/water and then maybe report to police ....basically its neglect by owners surely .....