Oxford vs Cambridge

Oxford vs Cambridge ?

And I don’t mean the university.

I am talking about the city.

Oxford for me.


Is this a diversionary tactic to avoid the next job on your renovation list?

(I left the UK many years ago so wouldn’t have a clue now.)

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Cambridge have won more boat races.

Beyond that, what exactly is the point in comparing personal opinions of two random UK cities?
How about, Oxford versus Yeovil? Cambridge versus Spalding?
I know I went to Cambridge about 50 years ago and as far as I remember, i quite liked it.
I do not think I have ever been to Oxford but I do not feel deprived on that account.

EDIT when I said I went to Cambridge I did not mean I went to Cambridge University. My brother did, and I went to visit him.

Cambridge gets my vote as many years ago when taking our daughter for an interview at the university I got a parking ticket. I had paid but the ticket slipped of tge dashboard when the door closed. I appealed the fine and explained why I was there and voila, the fine was rescinded.

Did you not enjoy living in Cambridge as a student?

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I like just outside of Oxford.

Cambridge is nicer for being smaller and easier to walk around, less crowded, feeling more university centric.

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My eldest daughter went to Durham.

We knew it had a high opinion of itself, but we were very amused to learn that it regards itself as the leading light of the ‘world famous’ DOxBridge triumvirate. Oddly enough, this fact seems unknown (or treated as a subject of hilarity) by colleges from Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

Edited to add: No sleight is intended towards Durham University. My daughter was led skillfully through her degree and has used the knowledge she gained at Durham on an almost-daily basis to the benefit of her, her employers and society at large.

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@anon44939055 you still haven’t told us which college you were at at Cambridge; such a pity to be a student in a place you find horrible.

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Disagree! Lived there for five years - full of Anglican clerics ,hooray Henrys and graduates who never managed to escape (from Durham City not Durham Jail - though I knew someone who sat his finals in the latter - ten years for dealing in LSD).

Too many examples to cite, so one will have to suffice - I was the only member of our five man pub quiz team who never got sectioned.

St Andrews was a bit like that :wink: and difficult to escape from too.
I went to school there, not university.

The bats’ bums in the cloisters are the remarkable feature of Durham to me.

I’d argue for the cathedral itself, it’s one of the world’s great buildings and further enhanced by its peninsular site on the Wear.

Walter Scott’s inscription on Prebends Bridge:
I love thy mixed and massive piles / Half Church of God, half castle 'gainst the Scot

Yup we is still waiting 2 C where he gotz his medicine degree.


A fundamental problem in the UK as indeed elsewhere :wink:


If UR referring to me,

It’s EZ to C

Dat dat Dr Mark’s

A doc of philophos C

RCA rules OK!

Bad English diet!

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No it’s MCA who told me he did a medical degree in Cambridge and Cat is looking forward to hearing a bit more about it, just as I am.



Think you might be waiting a very long time, most of what he sprouts is total bullshit