Oxford vs Cambridge

One of the charms of SF is that even when someone posts something really moronic, it can generate a delightfully silly thread drift.


@Mark Yes, but I think people should either tell the truth or own up to a lie.


Certainly don’t disagree, but unfortunately the online world generates so many falsehoods on so many levels

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Agreed, but internet anonymity favours the bullshitter😉

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But surely honest salt of the earth tell it as it is MCA wouldn’t tell an out and out lie?

Plenty of room for confusion


Must be puzzling for students from Malawi finding that Cambridge is on Jersey.

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There’s a lot of em about, eh :wink:

Ah, but they probably won’t need to circumvent Brexit regs!

At least it’s not a diet of Worms. :thinking:

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Ah, but that was mediaeval proto-Protestant stuff - a grim combination compared to merely having to eat fish on Fridays (incidentally teal was also allowed because they spent so much time in water)

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Super effective, really told Luther what was what :wink:

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Oh dear. Isn’t St Andrews where Prince William our Duke of Wales went? and Kate…

Well when I was at school there you always knew when the uni year had started because suddenly you couldn’t squeeze into your favourite illicit café because it was too full of Tim nice but dim braying about not getting into Oxbridge. The station is a 15 or 20 minute drive from the tiny city. It is lovely though.

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Many years ago we had a debate about Cambridge university. You probably don’t remember.

I said I would not employ anyone from Cambridge Uni. Or something like that. Anyway, you and Cat ate me alive. It took some years for me to get over it. I needed therapy.

Btw….I lived and studied in Oxford for a while. But not the university. Although I frequented the bars….a lot.

Last year I took my daughter to Cambridge because she likes the idea of going to Cambridge university. It is only a quick train ride from Stanstead.

We both agreed Cambridge was not that great. No way does it have the same charm as Oxford. There is a magical feeling in Oxford which I could not find in Cambridge.

Hence the thread !

Morning All

I got a Blue at Cambridge…

If I had got the pink and black I would have won the game

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Ahhh, magical feelings! Many years ago I went to Bologna and was charmed. I felt the place had a wonderful atmosphere and character. It did find it magical.

Years later I went back and it was just a nice city. Whether it was the weather, and a particular combination of light/temperature and people who smiled the first time I went that charmed me I don’t know. But magical feelings can be ephemeral.

(When I was 16 my parents moved just outside Cambridge. I didn’t get any magical feeling from it so refused to go with them and stayed in London. )

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So why say you went there? Lying simply means anything you say is likely to be a lie and, therefore, of neither worth nor interest.


MCA, I know it doesn’t take much to get me confused but did you get a medical degree from Cambridge as you said or not :thinking:

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No of course not.

I made a comment about Mr Marons physiological health, vero flippantly asked where I got my medical degree from……to make such a judgement. I flippantly said ‘Cambridge’.

Jesssus….it is hard work.


I said Cambridge……I did not say Cambridge University.

You thought that. Go have a look.

I could have got a book from WH Smiths….in Cambridge.