Paint Box

I had some mahogany I recovered from an old unit made for my Father. The unit itself was not usable and I thought it would be good to use the wood to keeps the memories going. I made a chess board for my son with some of it, and the scraps went into making this paint box.

My wife has always been a fan of watercolours and one day she'll get her painting holiday to Tuscany . For the moment,she has to make do with local painting or copying objects, or places I have photographed.

Now it may look simple, and it is, but it was quite fiddly to get all the sections made for the little paint blocks. As I said in the Adirondack blog, if a job's worth doing......sorry I do go on sometimes.

The character of the wood is gorgeous and a pleasure to work with. I re-sawed the mahogany down to the thickness requred then just planed and sanded. I thought it was too small to start making dovetails or anyhting like that, so, it is basically butt and glued joints.

Hope you like it. Well the OH does anyway.

Thank you Phil, now there’s a thought, making our own paints :wink:

I think your “Paint Box” works at all levels Stu!!

There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think about my late father, who doubled up as my hero, not only for his war-time heroics, but his general wisdom & compassion.

I love art, watercolours in particular, having brought all my kit with me, but time spent on renovations left no time for painting…alas!!

Woodwork, another passion for me! I do appreciate the workmanship involved. Generally speaking…the smaller, the more difficult.

Recycling the old wood = another big +

Did you manufacture the paints too. I wouldn’t be surprised with all your other skills.




Thank you Karen, James and Sandy (Chronological order, why am I always so politically correct?) It was very fiddly, but satisfying. The strange thing is, I cant see people paying for something like that even though there was as much work in it as “The Barrier”.

Thats very lovely. Stuart.

Beautiful Stu :slight_smile:

Thank you Jacqui. I hope so. She’s stopped painting for the moment (inspiration) but she’ll be back to it I’m sure once we get the son’s BAC out of the way, one way or another!

Thank you Fiona, we’ll leave it at that then :smiley:

Both obviously :slight_smile:

Gorgeous. You are so talented. Bet it will be cherished.

Thank you both. @C would that be the box or my new profile photo :wink:

What a lovely idea