Palliative care for cats

My cat Cleo, 11 years old, has a large intestinal tumour and the vet gave me a choice – palliative care or euthanasia. Another route could be a full examination – xray/blood tests/biopsy etc - which I know would be too stressful.

She behaves more or lesss as a normal cat at the moment – - but has lost her joie de vivre.

I’ve decided on palliative care, to keep her comfortable, happier and free of pain until I know it’s time to end her life.

I’m looking towards CBD for pet pain relief/palliative care. Has anyone used CBD for pets?

I shall be receiving a visit from a travelling/mobile vet who practises alternative care for animals, but would like to know in advance about CBD.


What a lovely cat. Such a shame for you and a really tough decision to make.

Yes, I’ve used CBD for our Airedale Vita who is 11. For her, I was using it for anxiety. I bought Vita’s online from a Swiss company having done a fair amount of reading that not all CBD oils are equal and I liked the fact that they give a lot of info on their website.
Vita took the oil very happily - I’m not sure all pets like the flavour.
It certainly calmed her down through crises - hers was mainly reaction to noises like thunder storms and separation anxiety. As an aside she has problems with her hind quarters and I think the CBD eased the pain.
The only reason I haven’t continued with it is that she is now virtually totally deaf so noises are not an issue and comings and goings worry her less. Also, we’ve found a great veterinary practice in Bordeaux where they offer complimentary care including acupuncture.


Thanks Sue. I’ve been looking at websites for CBD for pets and have now ordered chicken and beef flavour from the Swiss company you mention! Can’t wait to see if it can improve Cleo’s joie de vivre!

I shan’t tell the mobile vet who specializes in alternative treatment/medication for animals when she comes but will wait to see if she suggests something similar.

Her speciality is horses but about 10 years ago she prescribed probiotics for a very sick bag of bones kitten, left in a box on my doorstep, with constant running diarrhea and a huge belly. Hadn’t heard of probiotics back then! The kitten became my very special Didi who recovered after 4 weeks of treatment, see -

Sounds like your Vita is being well cared for.

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Hi I use Cbd oil for dogs with cancer, with great success, but am using full spectrum oil with thc’s ( under vets approval if anyone is concerned)

Just to report back on using CBD oil for cats, after only 5 days there is a remarkable improvement in my cat Cleo who’s carrying a large tumour in her gut. She’s less ‘down in the dumps’ now and chases the old boot lace with enthusiasm and goes at the scratching post with great gusto!

Short clip…

Thank you Sue and Fionna!


Lovely news!

I’m seriously thinking of getting some for my husband (fybromyalgia).

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@Bonzocat Super news Bruce.
@toryroo Why not? Give it a go.

:smile: :+1: :clap: :pray: :cat:

I knew a cat who had a massive tumour which didn’t seem to affect him at all. He died “full of years” at 20, though by that time he was a real old gentleman. I have a treasured video of him clawing his way up my jeans to sit in my lap.

That scratching looks really healthy!

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Came across a really useful (in my opinion) USA website explaining CBD for dogs (specifically), but could easily apply to other pets.

The website belongs to a golden retriever owner -

See also -

There’s a useful pdf document you can download explaining 7 benefits for dogs -