Palm Oil should maybe be banned?

If you have a blender you can make a nicer equivalent at home…

125g toasted hazelnuts
325g milk chocolate, chopped and melted
2 tablespoons mild vegetable oil like grape seed
3 tablespoons icing sugar sugar
1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
Some salt, more or less depending upon your preference

Whizz all the nuts, sugar & cocoa powder together till smooth, add melted chocolate, oil and vanilla extract. Salt if you want. It will be runny, so pop in fridge and it will turn into Nutella.

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Ferrero claim the palm oil in Nutella is from sustainable sources.

Nocciolata is the best :blush:
Made by Rigoni d’Asiago, I am a fan of Mario Rigoni Stern the writer who comes from Asiago so I buy their (organic) products as I am sure there is a link.

Some of my coleagues use this app while shopping and seem happy with it

I can’t beleive what is shipped half way around the globe to be sold in supermarkets; it’s utterly insane.
Quite apart from the damage often done making it;Clearing whole forests to run beef cattle on the dust-bowl that’s left.
My local leclerc had potatoes, grown in israel! what mad global economy makes this normal?
and here everyone is swapping to new light bulbs…a fat load of good; compared to the waste going on.
And all around me the local farmers are giving up; my farmer neighbour’s kids drive vans for a living (convoi exceptionelle escort) in the late 90’s he himself had to resort to ‘moonlighting’ as a coach driver to pay the bills.will the last person please switch off the ECO (chinese) light bulb…

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What about Brits who order from Tesco (or wherever) in UK to be delivered here… must be special… oooops, not really… … tomatoes/potatoes and other equally essential stuff… where’s the sense. :roll_eyes::anguished:


Do they really do that? Crazy :fearful:


Well I do admit to yearning for a floury potato from time to time - but we just grow them now.

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The problem is identifying them… yes, you can buy floury pots here… but you have to be “in the know”… and of course, us foreigners are NOT :upside_down_face:

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I really cannot understand why there are onions from New Zealend here. For goodness sake this is the ‘pays d’onions’. That caricature of a French man pedalling along with strings of onions hanging from his bicycle is actually based on fact ! :biking_man:


Frankly, why buy-in any vegetables? There is so much variety grown here, surely something for everybody. But France is not alone… every country seems to do the same… the stuff just travels round and round… :open_mouth:

It is mad, isn’t it, like French beans from Kenya. I refuse to buy such things.

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I’m getting very militant myself… shocked OH when I refused to buy apricots from Espagne today… :flushed:

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Don’t understand that comment? The variety is usually marked, so pretty straightforward…my problem is while you can get Agata or Desiree here easily these are not as good as Maris Piper or King Edward. Do you get better floury varieties in your area?

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Maybe we export our french onions to NZ ! Globalization :roll_eyes:

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Being ‘really old’, I remember the onion sellers, in the far North, Whitehaven :wink: , when I was a kid!

Local potatoes bear names (if at all) which mean absolutely nothing to me… it is by trial and error that I have found the floury or the waxy …

Prebagged are usually marked for the purpose ie mash, chips, baking :relaxed:

Arghhhh, I don’t touch any ‘fresh produce’ from Spain …

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From the original question Palm Oil and all mass produced products that cause harm to the environment should be banned but that would be impossible if we keep demanding such products.

Use the greatest power you have and vote with your pocket - if people don’t buy it then they will not sell it.

If you can, grow as much as you can yourself (Even if you have just a windowsill it’s all good)
Buy Bio/Organic and buy local if possible. Fair Trade and ethically sourced/produced.
It may in some cases cost a little more but all the cheap mass produced products have a greater cost to us all.


Great to see others not using palm oil also, not always easy to spot in products. After visiting Borneo i would always try to avoid such things.

Its a shame the EU doesnt do more to ban this or do more about chemicals on crops, plastic,pesticides but they are like the rest and everything is about money and power.