Pantone's Pandemic Colors for 2021

Just in case you’d like to be ‘in the know’ on the latest fashion colors:


How appropriate - gilets jaunes under grey skies.

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That’s strange…

I have a lovely shawl/scarf which I bought in France Autumn 2019 in just those colours…

and I was chuffed to actually be “in fashion” as I usually dawdle several years behind… :rofl: :rofl:

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I’m usually so far behind I’m in the avant-garde for the next big retro trend…

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Ha ha… what goes around, certainly comes around… eventually.

I recall, so many years ago in UK … the youngsters at work raving about velvet flared trousers… which were suddenly in fashion …

The next day, I produced my beloved (and still pristine) burgundy velvet ones… and they fought over who could have them. :wink: :hugs:

Looks very retro to me.
I remember a similar colour combination being fashionable in the éarly 1980s. Lots of consumer products were pale grey with flashes of what I’d call cadmium yellow light. In 1983 I painted all the woodwork in the hallway, stairs and landing with this combination.

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Dyson vacuums were available in yellow/grey, we used to have one.