Paper declarations - 2042K - NO box 8TK - WHY

OK, I’ve already mentioned this in my other topic but I thought I’d specifically bring this up as a separate issue.

When declaring so-called UK “government” pensions, which are compulsorily taxed in the UK, the total from 2047 is transferred to box 8TK in form 2042 - and it says in 2047 that this is what you’re supposed to do. Thus claiming a credit for the amount of French tax you would otherwise pay on the pension.

Like many people, I’ve been sent a 2047K and a form 2042K. But despite 2047K mentioning box 8TK in 2042, there is, in fact, NO box 8TK in form 2042K. Now, is this a deliberate act or simple incompetence ?

I am advised that this box is available in the 2042 found on the website but that’s not really the point. I much prefer to fill in my tax return on paper having tried the web version last year and screwing it up completely. If this issue cannot be resolved, then I guess I will have to have another go at the online version but I really don’t want to. Please don’t tell me how easy-peasy the online version is - the comments I’ve seen so far are about 50-50.

John … as I cannot see your 2042K…

what does it say beside boxes 1AL and 1BL ???

Did you find anything out re box 8tk? We are absolutely mistified because both the guidance for the 2047k and the 2042k clearly mention that box 8tk must be completed with the amount from UK Government pensions!

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Martin… see my reply to your own query

and take a look at Section 1 of your 2042k

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Stella - Yes, 1AL and 1BL are there as normal. I think it will take someone with better French than mine to query this with the tax authorities. It could just be a printing error. 8TK is present on form 2042C (Revenus de source étrangère ouvrant droit à un crédit d’impôt égal à l’impôt français ), which is a pretty lengthy form - section 7 runs to several pages. I suppose you could always print off the last page, attaching it as an addendum, and fill in 8TK but this probably wouldn’t go down too well at the tax office. There’s time yet, since apparently, due to Covid-19, the cut off date for paper submissions has been extended to June.

what is the brief explanationof 8TK on 2042

look at 8TK on the form itself and look at the left of it … it will describe what should go there and, if I recall correctly,this year it is something totally different from last year… is it definitely talking about pensions or just revenue…

next to 1AL on the form itself … what is the brief description… it should be for foreign pension opening the right to… blah blah blah…

1AM is for foreign pensions which do NOT have the right to blah blah blah blah…

unless we are talking about totally different forms… :roll_eyes:

stella - I think you have the wrong form. On 2042K there is a section 8, right enough. There is, however, NO box 8TK with or without explanation. It DOES exist on the form 2042C which i found on but this is NOT the form sent out with 2047K. Since 2942C is now apparently an ancillary form, I suppose you could print off the last page containing section 8 but this will probably create confusion. Section 1AL and 1BL are the same as last year and as far as I can tellthe rest of 2042K is the same as usual EXCEPT for this f!!>?()}ng box 8TK. I’ve paid for and downloaded Connexions 2020 Tax Guide which gives precisely the same details about 2042 as last year. So no help there.

what does it say beside 1AL this year ???

No surprises there then :rofl:

Referring to Connexions Tax Guide Update there is this :slight_smile:
Foreign ‘tax credit’ income

If you have foreign income that generated a tax credit equal to the French tax that would otherwise be due on these, such as UK rental income or government pensions, then the box for inserting the total amount, 8TK, has moved from the main 2042 declaration to the 2042C complementary declaration, in section eight (Divers).

So presumably we download ALL of 2042C, print it out and fill in the personal details and box 8TK and leave the rest blank?

Make things awkward, why not ??? :confounded:

And then send off 2047K, 2042K and 2042C.

The French have a wonderful talent for making things difficult.

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John… can you tell me what is written beside 1AL on your form 2042K ???

They would probably say it’s you being difficult and point to their easy to use online system.


anyone who cannot (for whatever reason) use a computer… is allowed to use paper…no question of being secretly pressured to use online… or anything remotely like it.

there will be an answer… there always is…

and perhaps someone can tell me what is written beside box1AL on the 2042K

Online is the preferred route although paper is accepted for those unable to use the online forms.

and as it says… (and as the Tax Office have confirmed to me verbally)… paper declarations can be done by those who need to… and they have until 12 June to get the papers delivered to the Tax Office…

and if someone does have form 2042K… please, oh please tell me what is written beside Box 1TL

As the advice I uploaded states.

seems nobody has form 2042K… ah well… :wink: all I’ve seen are the written notices… which I’ve read and perfectly well understood earlier in the week… … it is not them that I am asking about…

@anon57427786 I’m trying to help someone else… I don’t have a problem… they have a problem with 2042K

Line 1AL for foreign pensions which can use the Tax Treaty
Line 1AM for foreign pensions which cannot…

no idea why there is no 8TK which folk are doing paper declarations … but online… the above is where I have put our UK pensions

As posted earlier in thread, 8TK (for those with Govt pension or UK rental) is on the 2042C where there are boxes to tick for those who are in the French health system via an S1 (receiving a state pension).
Ref: Box 8SH (declarant 1) and/or 8SI (declarant 2) to avoid paying social charges on interest.

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