Paperback Jan!

if you live in Deux Sèvres, Vendée or Vienne you may already know Paperback Jan, if not here is a list of places she visits with all her lovely books. sign up for her newsletter to get updates or last minute changes in her itinerary.

"Hi book readers in Deux Sevres, Vendee & Vienne. I have a collection of over 2,500 paperback books in English, and am registered to sell and exchange these to make your reading experience easier and more varied.

This is where & when to find me...
1st Mon each month Vernoux-en-Gatine - Le Dragon, - 2 to 5pm
1st Tues each month (April to Oct only) Vasles - Le Zinc - 10.30 to 1pm
1st Weds each month Vouvant - Cafe Cour du Miracle - 2 to 4.30 ish
1st Thur each month St Aubin - Le Palais - 2 to 5pm
1st Thur each month Chantemerle (Apr to Oct only) 6 to 8pm
1st Fri each month Thouars - Bar de la Paix - 12 to 2pm
1st Sat each month Menigoute - Bar Francais - 10 to 1pm

2nd Tues each month Le Tallud - Gilberts Farm - 12 to 4pm
2nd Weds each month Airvault - Les Trois Marie - 10 to 1pm
2nd Thur each month Chataigneraie - Bar le Commerce - 2.30 to 5pm
2nd Fri each month La Ferriere - Chez moi - 11 to 4pm
2nd Sat each month St Maixent - Bar le Chauray - 10 to 2pm
On the last Thursday of each month Moncoutant - Joie de Vivre - 2 to 5pm"