Paperback or ebook for travellers?

I'm surprised to read that travelers prefer a paperback to an ebook reader. You can take so many more books on an ebook reader.

I suppose I read a lot.

But paperback readers would say, I might leave my ebook reader in the airport lounge.

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For me it would be the book - not just the feel of the book, but also I find a screen a little 'cold' on the eyes. There is something about paper.... but ebooks and kindles have their place too - for big readers, people in hospital or those with physical disabilities, kindles are lighter and easier to handle, not to mention the number of books which can be stored on them.

It will always be a real book for me as Im sick to death of all the new gadgets coming on the market and the way people always have to up date and have the newest of everything .... where do all the broken down and passed over ones go when you must have the next one ?

After a vist my my sister in laws recently I was sickened to see her and her 2 teenage daughters rushing around each morning charging about 5 different things each before they could go out, there was never a nice relaxed family breakfast even through up at 6am to be out by 8.30 because hair needed straightning , computers need checking , and friends texts needed answering (even through they were going to see them in an hour) The 3 beds rooms each had t.v's dvd's cd's computers hair straigtners hair dryers, coffee makers phone chargers and ipads plus other things I had no idea what they were....also each room had 3 or 4 sockets in the room but each also had extension leads with 4 extra sockets all used with every thing on standby. come evening they never spoke to each other and made there own meals and went to own rooms , what kind of life is that ?

I had to say some thing .... and started by saying blimey your electric bill must cost a fortune? I nearly fainted when she told me that it came in at over 8 times what me and my husband pay for our electric bill. I thought we were suppose to be the generation that was going to save the planet ? Guess not huh.

Toni, Do you think ebook will replace paper? You are solely an ebook publisher?

I mean it was believed that CD would replace vinyl and it disappeared for a while. Now vinyl is back.

Definitely ebook for travel. In fact, ebook at home now, too. I admit that I've crossed over to the dark side. I love books. They're beautiful and I love to feel them; but the convenience of the e-reader has snagged me. I bought a tablet because I can download apps for every digital book type onto one device. I have Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and a few other lesser-knowns on my tablet. I wish these guys would all get together and create a standard. I would love to have all my books in one place.

Yes the beauty of the ipad. I can write and read.

Eating and reading. That is a good point. Hadn't thought of that.

Yes, book at home. But I want to have enough to read while I'm away.

I don’t have a tablet! I simply have my trusty laptop. I have downloaded the Kindle format of mobi, and the industry standard of, and so can read books in both formats. I have about a dozen loaded so far, and as I’m nearing the end of my second Richard Mastin adventure as a sequel to ‘A Mole in the Hand’, I can both write and read, as the mood takes me! The new novel is to be titled ‘Sand in my Shoe’.

If you're idiot enough to leave an ebook reader in an airport lounge, you deserve all you get. But otherwise, you can buy another and just reload it with all your books located in the 'cloud'.

I much prefer travelling with my Kindle, and if you read and eat at the same time, a Kindle is better because you don't have to bend the book back to make it stand up. You need two hands to eat (normally); using one to hold a book open and the other to eat is not very practical.

It's psychological, I've talked to people about this and many of us like the 'feel of a book'. On the point of how many books, quite right and thus our psychology defies logic.