Hello All, Since we moved to France I have saved almost every piece of paper that we received. Is there any ‘official’ timescale that you have to keep papers for. It’s mostly Bank statements, bills etc etc.
Many thanks T

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Frank Zappa had something to say about paperwork (and nostalgia). I heard it live during a BBC radio interview many years ago, and it’s stuck with me.

In the 1980s I was a lecturer in a regional art school, it was the time when ‘admin’ was starting to creep into all corners of academia and we all had pigeon holes in the general office into which ever increasing amounts of A4 would appear every morning.

We dutifully emptied our pigeon holes and took the bumpf back to our studios and then put it discreetly in a bin, perhaps camouflaged with a couple of unsuccessful life drawings on top. All that is, except one of us - there was a fearsome, impressively muscled, middle-aged ceramics lecturer of White Russian descent, who terrified the administrators and who didn’t bother visiting his pigeonhole. every morning. Eventually all these communications would overflow and fall on the floor. At that point the college secretary would phone the ceramics studio to complain. Our man would then stride into the office scoop everything up, muttering, “Shite, if they want to, they can come and speak to me;” then throw it all in the bin and return to his studio.

It worked for him, but I’m not certain that would work in presentday France…