Parachutes & Book Covers

A lot of years ago, when I was younger and even ‘dafter’, I was talked into doing a fund raising jump, when I told Dad, he went ballistic, “You’ve got kids”, Him that volunteered (with a wife and Son) at the outbreak of WW2!
Off I went to Cartmell for a couple of hours training, then the jump, off a wee platform under the planes wing, my performance report, wasn’t impressive; “Call Weak”, they meant he sounded terrified, nice to have an accurate assesment!
I got home, my neighbour, a pretty boring Ex Chief Tax Inspector asked me, as I got out of the car, “what you been doing this weekend then Bill”.
So I told Him;
He looked at me, utterly incredulous.
“I can’t understand, why Anyone, would leave a ‘perfectly servicable aircraft’, to commit to one of those 'things”.
After a bit of investigation, turned out He had landed Spitfires, during the war, on fire, rather than ‘jump out’.
“Never Judge a Book by It’s Cover”, not such a boring Tax Inspector after all :heart: