Parcel delivery scam

Heads up recieved one of these this morning

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keep getting similar ones to this by email and sms … not every day… but every week for a while… then a respite… then it starts again… aaaargh.

Oddly enough, my husband gets these scam emails and sms on a regular basis but I am the only one ordering anything online and so far, no scams (mis)directed to my inbox.

I expect someone has sold/posted lists of phone numbers and/or emails on the dark web for the scammer factories to try.

and… as I’ve reported before… there is a worrying flurry of scams shortly after OH has ordered something from Amazon (not that he does that very often, only as a last resort…)
makes me wonder if Amazon has a leak somewhere…

I’m afraid everything leaks. Every time you give your email to some or orher website, it is out there for the picking.

I have a separate dedicated email for buying and paying. It is useful to keep individual email addresses for different functions, you just need to keep track. You also need to double check before you reply or send, which email box you are sending from. Receivers can get flummoxed and not everyone has the 007 concept of multiple identities. :sunglasses:

I get them all the time but know when I have ordered something or not and ignore them. Ironically I got one last week saying that a parcel would be delivered the next day which wasn’t expected for another 7 days. Along with another member on here we decided it was a scam but lo and behold the parcel did appear early. :astonished: :rofl:

Same here. A sacrificial gmail address I give out just for when it’s unavoidable giving an email address. It doesn’t matter how many junk emails go to that address because I never look at it!
Actually, I did look a few months ago out of curiosity and discovered I had about 250 emails from Donald Trumps various scam money making schemes starting when he was running for president right up to a few days before I looked.

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I have a few email identities too. And I hate it when people send emails without using the Bcc option, where you get hundreds of other recipients’ emails presented to you.

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