Parcel Force in UK

My partner knitted a couple of jackets for her niece’s birthday, sent them with La Poste with customs declaration of hand knitted goods as a gift for her birthday.
She has received a email from her cousin that Parcel Force wants £25 to deliver the parcel, is this right, not sure of the rules after brexshit.

This should cover it

I assume it’s not a fake email. If genuine, Parcel Farce (sic) will presumably be charging
£8-£? as part of that fee for the privilege, assuming the gift was indeed liable to tax/duty.

I believe the removal of exemption from VAT ? of £25/w22 euros? or less value packages? only kicks in on 1st July.
Does not sound right - unless she declared a high value to the gift?

Yes the situation got a lot worse with Brexshit -and gets worse on 1st July in the way above - but also the courier companies have been taking liberties since 1st Jan.

Challenge it, if she put a low value and ticked it as a gift?

What is this amount for? VAT, customs duty or a handling charge?

The first two shouldn’t have been charged if the customs form said it was a gift of no commercial value (or less than €35). And the niece can claim back

The third is something that seems tobe random whether they charge or not…