Parcel Services from France

Hello All: With Christmas not too far away, I assume many of us will be posting gift parcels to friends and family in far away places.

I have found that the French postal service, although generally reliable, is also pretty expensive for a package of any decent size.

Does anyone know of a good parcel delivery service from France, that will not cost more than the presents themselves?

Thanks in advance :-)

Great Catharine; thanks. They have a place on their site where you can contact them or/and ask for a quotation. I thought perhaps this would be a better idea as I love to have everything in writing, to avoid nasty surprises once the job needs to be paid for. They also say that depending on how remote your location is, it affects the collection or delivery costs, which is totally understandable.

They do ship from France but the info is not on their site - you'll need to phone them and it is more than the UK rates but still waaaaay better than La Poste!

I haven't had the chance yet to send them an enquiry, but from the information on their web page, it does look as though they do shipments to and from various countries.

Will definitely get down to this very shortly as their prices seem excellent and they have good references from happy customers.

Good question Teresa - I thought that it was only FROM the UK and not to? Please tell me if this is not the case as I have used them from the UK and would def use them if they did deliveries from France.


emma, (aplogies in advance if this is obvious) but do they ship FROM France to the UK?


x teresa

The website is I think they do worldwide as well as European.

Thanks Emma for this. Would you have a contact address for them? I wonder whether they have services to any other countries? We unfortunately have family scattered all over the world, from Australia, to South Africa to Florida, USA so I am looking for an international service. However we have some family in England and Wales, so Parcels Please sounds a super option for this, in case they can't help with the international deliveries.


I have used Parcels Please for over a year to send parcels from the UK to France and they offer a return service too. They offer best value for big parcels, up to 30kg from £12.50 +VAT, UK to France. The parcel can be large in size too. I use them instead of booking a case when flying.

I have 2 small children and for birthdays, christmas etc family members club together and put all presents in one box.

It usually takes under 3 days to arrive, collect from UK address on Tuesday in the afternoon and on my doorstep by Thursday Morning.

I have found they offer great value and a quick service.

Hope this helps.