Paris attacks: Dozens dead and hostages held at Bataclan

French media say at least 15 people have been killed near the Bataclan arts centre, where up to 60 people are reportedly being held hostage.

I've watched this train crash happening over the years Brian. I took a deeper interest when I spent three years in the UAE running a division across M/E and Pakistan and travelled extensively in the region, over 50 times to Saudi alone. I've met and talked to a lot of people on all sides but if I was to try and encapsulate the complexity in a sentence I would say that, in my opinion, unless the three issues of disastrous US foreign policy, Israeli opportunism (land grabs/opposition to a two state solution) and Saudi support for extremist (Wahhabi) Islam are addressed we can just brace ourselves for more horrible events.

I think that despite the horrible tragedy it strikes just the right tone and sends a message of..... sod you.

Joan, an update for you. Anonymous reportedly takes down 5.500 IS Twitter accounts

What a strange comment. I imagine if my loved ones had been murdered I’d have more to worry about than a magazine cover . You were absolutely right to post it Valerie.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion Valerie it's just our opinions differ. I respect yours and anyone elses opinion.

I'm very thankful to have this freedom of speech, many are not so lucky..

Thank you Simon.

I didn't think comments posting what I interpreted as being portrayal of a refusal to be defeated with the, which admittedly I found amusing, reference to champagne would be directed at me than the cover. But there we go.

Well I think it is funny. I also like the variant on 'je suis Charlie' that says 'je suis en terrasse'. Mind you as I have been a reader of Charlie Hebdo for over 30 years no doubt my sense of humour has been warped.

I must agree and it also takes courage for many reasons to do what CH has done with that cover.

Valerie - ignore the critics. SFN can be a very hostile environment sometimes but one of the most precious things we have is free speech.

It does not "turn me on" - I actually think that's a ghastly thing to say.

As I said, if it upset anyone then I would obviously, without hesitation, remove it which is actually what I came back on to do but then I read you say it should be posted.

I posted it because I thought it portrayed something positive, the French spirit and I was amused at the champagne reference. If assumptions are going to be made about my character I will simply bow out.

About what?

Yes, I listened to/watched that this morning along with Ali Rizvi's An Open Letter to Moderate Moslems in Huff Post which I linked above. There are too many facile, easy opportunity arguments in the aether at present but at least they are showing us it is time to talk, discuss, debate and include Moslems to find a way to end this without more damage done than is simply unavoidable.

It is downright bad taste to me but whatever turns you on.

No need to remove anything, we are Charlie so it should be posted, whether we agree with it or not is another matter.

No, they won't, and I feel nothing but sadness for everyone involved in the attacks. Not one person can say I do not. It was the bold portrayal that the joie de vivre for which the French are famed will not be tamed and will continue.

If it causes offence I will simply remove it.

Valerie you seemed to have changed your tune!

Let's just hope the families and friends of the dead and injured find it funny too Valerie..

I admit to have a seriously warped sense of humour but Charlie Hebdo's front cover showing French defiance / determination to 'continue as normal' - I don't know which but I laughed.

"They've got guns. Screw them, we've got champagne"