Paris Attacks

Hi All,

does anybody know, what state of emergency means in France.



Kirsten on UK TV this morning, there was an acapella group of singers called ‘The Priests’ and they sang ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ the Liverpool football club Anthem, which I found very touching, and hope it goes viral on YouTube for the French population to show UK and others support for this Country.

I love how the French go in and don't mill about wondering if anyone will sue them, hence saving more lives. I love how the French government holds equality, fraternity, and liberty, (I might have gotten it out of order), in high regard, but if anything is suspect, that they hold the right to go in and search a place without a court order! That's how it's done in my opinion, and further evidence that France is the place for me! I would feel much safer living there, (looks like 2020 is our year to move, making' plans), I'm very often on edge, a little scared I must say about every-day life in L.A.

My prayers go out to anyone effected by these deplorable acts of those sick people. (They must be sick to think/believe that killing/injuring many many innocent people is in ANY way a good thing) We have family in Paris, luckily no one hurt, but I don't forget all those who were.

Bernard, thank you for writing that on SFN. I am absolutely horrified at what has happened in Paris, my condolences and sympathies go to families,friends of all those involved, exc the criminals who perpetrated it.

Secondly the same sentiments go to all of France and her patriotic French Nationals, where ever they live.

Etat d'urgence:

Prefects may prohibit the form of curfew the movement of people or vehicles in the exact places and times fixed by decree.
Prefects may set up "zones of protection or security where the stay of persons is regulated," prohibit residence "any person seeking to hinder, in any manner whatsoever, the action of the authorities."
The Minister of the Interior may house arrest anyone "whose actions prove harmful to public safety and order."
The Minister of the Interior or the prefects may "order the temporary closure of theaters, pubs and meeting places" and "nature of meetings to cause or maintain disorder" and that "order the return of weapons first, fourth and fifth classes. "
By express provision, the Minister of Interior and the prefects may order searches at home "day and night" to "take all measures to ensure control of the press and radio."
The searches can be done without the supervision of a judge. Military jurisdiction via an accompanying decree, can "enter crimes and offenses related to them."
The refusal to submit may be punishable by imprisonment of up to two months and a fine of 3750 euros, or both.