Paris based Accountant

Hello Everybody, I'm back here again with the same issues I had a few months ago regarding trying to negotiate around French accountancy system. Does anybody know a good, preferably english speaking, accountant in the Paris area who I could speak to about my affairs please..?

Thanks again very much,


The thing is about an accountant you actually see them face to face very rarely - unless your life is very complicated perhaps. I therefore suggest you look for a suitable accountant wherever they are based UK or France, see them face to face once and from then on rely on emails and post. Our accountants (Cabinet Henderson) are at least 2 hours away in Bordeaux (Mr Henderson was a lot closer originally) by car for instance. Good accountants will have customers far and wide.

Hello Graham,

Try Jill Schofield-Thommeret of Douma, Shofield & Sibenaler 80 Boulevard Haussmann 7508 Paris 0144693550, she is excellent, have used her for years , I believe she is English.