Paris Marathon - who did it? (my wife did!)

My superhero wife Sharon Purnell-Murphy just successfully completed the Paris marathon (42km, 26 miles in 5 hrs 22 mins), why not watch her at the different milestones? (why not look at the photos of her with her brother to see what she looks like first?) To follow the videos, follow the link below, type in her BIB No. 67224, page down just a little bit and click on the video icon.

(she is wearing a blue vest with SHARON on it, on a black short sleeved top, black leggings and importantly, a white (baseball) cap. She has no cap at the Finish).

Then after her videos, after the international interviews, watch the route of the marathon in fast time in 8 mins! click pause and see the refreshments and orange stall at 3.50 mins.

a photo of Sharon & Alan before they start the marathon. They did it to raise money for Parkinsons. (Her Mum only just died). So if anyone would like to make a contribution, however modest, as target is almost reached!! please do ...