Paris Photo Quiz - 'Snake Eyes Watching You'

Snake Eyes Watching You


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QUESTION: "Where is she, and what's going on?

An intriguing image, if ever there was one. A woman whose eyes seem to be banded, a broken stave, a fallen crown. This can only mean one thing: someone, somewhere was trying to make a point. But what point?

You may never have explicitely noticed this rather chilling statue before, but I promise you, you have seen it, and maybe many hundreds of times. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that she's probably one of the most photographed statues in the whole city (amongst a few others, admittedly), and maybe the world. Oh yes! But where? That's the first challenge.

The second is to have a go at guessing what all these symbols might mean, as shown above. To be honest, either you know or you don't, but it would be fascinating to hear what you think, and to see how close you can get.

If you get the place right then I'll give you some more info so that you can get some ideas for the rest, ok?!

Visit the PARIS PHOTO BLOG to take part!

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The allusion is exactly that for the snake Padraig! All the pics are of the same statue! Click on the link in the posting to go to the web page and look at the comments for some clever person (Jean)'s response :smiley:

In the first picture I see it as a snake twisting itself around her eyes, blinding her, just like the serpent in the Garden of Eden deluded Eve into eating from the tree of knowledge.

The second picture makes me think of Sainte Genevieve the patron saint of Paris but I've no ideas for the symbolic meanings of the objects. In ther last picture we see a crown at her feet which made me think of Joan of Arc