Parking near Bezier airport

Hi Everyone,

As Ryan air will start flying Bezier to Bristol at the end of March (our nearest airport that flies to Bristol) we wanted to start using that route for our monthly commute! BUT unlike Toulouse and Girona airports I cannot book our car into the car park on line. I also can’t find any real info on line. Does anyone leave their car at or near Beziers airport for 2-3 weeks at a time? Otherwise it’s finding public transport and then a taxi - even more time consuming! THANK YOU in anticipation that someone has done this mad thing before (MONTHLY COMMUTE!!)

250 places available at the airport . Parking is securised but only open when the airport is. You can down load more details as to tariffs using the link above.

Thank you David, I saw this but didn’t know if it was still valid. Appreciate the prompt reply as I am researching flights for April at the moment.

Hi Teresa,
I left my car at Beziers airport for 3 weeks over Christmas and it cost about 85 euros. I found the parking ticket machine doesn’t take cartes bleus so you have to get the ticket from the pay-machine and then take it into the enquiry desk to pay.

A couple of weeks ago I parked there again for one week and was annoyed to find it cost about 43 euros because I’d gone into the next week by about an hour.

I live up in the hills about an hour from the airport and would really like to be part of a pool of people who’d exchange lifts. Otherwise you pay almost as much for parking as for the flight.

Hi Sally - have you considered Bla Bla Car - not sure how ‘prolific’ it is in your hills but you never know!

Thank you. I’ll give it a try.

Thank you Sally, we could do without that hassle and it seems expensive compared to Girona. Which I can book online and is in a multi storey car park. Think that décidés it, Éven if it is about 20 minutes longer.