Parliament do not prorogue petition

I’m sure most of you have signed by now, but if you haven’t, here’s the link:


Hate to say but pretty pointless IMO

It has at least, cheered me up to realise that there are at least 120 000 people who think like I do and that the UK isn’t now entirely populated by fucknuggets who read the Daily Hate.


It’s 160k and rising.

But, if 6 million wasn’t enough to sway the government nothing short of 17.4 million will make an impact - and probably not even then.

FWIW I’ve signed it.

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Isn’t the point to make your views know in the hope that perhaps one MP might realise that there is serious opposition - they can see how many votes from their constituents - and reconsider where they stand?


It might be but if 16,141,241 people voting remain, two huge street protests and 6 million signing a petition has not persuaded the government that a softer Brexit is needed then this petition will also make feck all difference.

Too late, Queen has signed order.

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Another new word for my vocab, I have learnt so many over the last three years :wink::grin:


At which point is it true that we will leave on 31st October given that all challenges have failed? Are we now at that point do you think?

Not yet - Northern Ireland issue is not yet resolved.

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Depends what Parliament can cook up in the brief period that they sit.

To be fair there was going to be a recess for the conference season so he has only extended this by a week or so - but at a critical time and with no possibility of cancellation.

The situation should focus the minds of those opposed to no-deal - I don’t think it is yet inevitable but it has to be bloody close.


We have both signed.

No more supporting the monarchy for me.

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I totally agree.

It’s a nice comfy word “fucknuggets”, reminds me of roasting chestnuts round the fire while listening to Val Doonican crooning in his knitted Fairisle sweater.

Ovaltine-flavoured profanities like fucknugget restore my faith in humankind :hugs:


No point in blaming Her Maj…there was sod all she could do about it constitutionally - and Fuhrer Johnson knew that.

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That’s now 2 new words today :rofl::rofl:

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it has been suggested somewhere (don’t know how accurate this is) that the reason he did this whilst she was at Balmoral is that under Scottish Law the Queen cannot refuse the wishes of the head of the serving government whilst she is not sitting at Buckingham Palace. If at the palace she would be the sitting head of state whilst in Balmoral she has passed that to the head of the government which is of course Boris Johnson.
Some might speculate that only Rees-Mogg would have known this law…

A view on suspending parliament from Hugh Grant

and the French take on this (you may learn a few new French expletives here):
La décision du Premier ministre Boris Johnson de suspendre les travaux du Parlement pendant un mois fait réagir, et pas qu’un peu. Perçue par les opposants au Brexit comme une tentative de sabotage de la démocratie, elle a provoqué un véritable tollé. Parmi ceux qui l’ont commentée, l’acteur Hugh Grant, qui n’a pas hésité à pousser un coup de gueule saignant contre Boris Johnson, l’insultant au passage.

“Tu ne vas pas foutre en l’air l’avenir de mes enfants”, a commencé Hugh Grant sur Twitter, avant de poursuivre sur le même ton. “Tu ne vas pas détruire les libertés que mon grand-père a défendues en se battant au cours de deux guerres mondiales. Va te faire foutre, espèce de jouet de bain en caoutchouc sur-vendu. Le Royaume-Uni est révolté par toi et ton petit gang de branleurs.”


Yes, I agree, what use is the monarchy if all they do is swan about in total luxury and insulated from the realities of life and all at our expense. Time for a Republic. The Queen could have found some balls and told him to either shorten the time or to go away and think again. I think Charlie probably would have.

However, I fancy all this is the work of Dominic Cummins who is totally evil and has already been described by his own colleagues as a psychopath. He and Mogg are the ones pulling bozo’s strings.


Who would be first for the guillotine?