Parliament's vote on the Brexit deal must include an option to remain in the EU

A lesser of two evils choice between a bad deal and no deal is not acceptable. Our country deserves better than Hobson’s choice, and our MPs should be allowed to vote with their conscience to deliver what they believe is best for the country.
This is the Petition on the site for Petitions for UK Government and Parliament.
Can I urge all to sign this to ensure that the rabid Brexiteers d not get things all their own way?

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Hasn’t this vote already taken place - the triggering of Article 50?

Yes there has. As a democracy you can have in theory, many as you like.

However, I agree with Jane, you need potentially another referendum on what the actual choice would be for all of us, once they have negotiated the final agreement.

If no to referendum, have a free non whipped vote for all MP’s.

As the first referendum, was non binding with only 37% of all voters choosing a destination for our country, which will have consequences for our children and grandchildren, I suggest we need one to see if we agree what our beloved Gov has come up with or stick to what we have now (stay in the EU)

As you know Tim, the first referendum was built on lies and misinformation and needs the actual facts spelt out clearly, to the voters to explain to them, what the deal will entail.

If you disagree with a second referendum, I’m sure you would agree that our MP’s on our behalf, should be allowed to have the final say, which includes staying in the EU?


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because the petition has been made and reached 100k and over votes 12 times now and very time its been rejected.

It wont happen.

And nor should it, decision has been made by a percentage of the population that has no future, those that have a future will just have to live with it for the moment.
Its not really a major problem, give it a few years, a duff deal, no super dooper trade deals, no boom boom boom, more debt, more cut’s, and its have a vote, back in, Euro, schengen.
Won’t be long before people start to realise that folks like the pub landlord, Dyson and Patrick Minford have a pretty blinkered view of it all. Pub landlord is only interested in the price of spirit’s, Dyson would like to see no tariffs on his Hoovers, and Minford wants to see how his economic fantasies would actually pan out in the real world. The bit I loved from Minford was that his ideas would probably destroy UK industry, destroy UK farming, but it wouldn’t be a problem people would just have to adapt.


Business is already suffering. No investment because of uncertainty. Contracts are being cancelled and postponed.
Time to call a halt.

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