Parnac 36170 are looking for exhibitors for their Easter Foire

The Comité des fêtes of Parnac are looking for artisans, producers and crafts people to exhibit and sell their wares/services at the Easter Sunday Foire. On Sunday 24th April.

Stands are free, for further information please contact Brendan at

Please include in your email your name, address , Tel. No. products/services for sale, how much space you want and any other requirements you have.

Parnac is just 4 km north of the Limousin

Closing date for bookings is 15 March

P.S. We now have a British Fish and Chip van booked.

Hi Brenden,

As you may have seen, I have posted some informtaion on your own page. Do you have people travel from the 36 area to this fetes, if so, do you think it would be worth me bringing some flyers to hand out.

Please let me know what you think.

Kind regards