Parrot in need of foster home! Please help!

When I moved to France I had to leave behind a menagerie of animals with my family. Then my parents also moved away to Dubai and so had to find new homes for all the animals. They thought these homes were pretty stable and were happy with what they had achieved even though they were broken-hearted about having to leave behind their family members. One of the animals is a parrot named Jasper. He really was my dad’s favorite and so they found Nima temporary home for the two years that they were planning to be in Dubai. Unfortunately, after just one year, this home has now fallen through. I want to bring Jasper to France to stay with me until my parents return from Dubai but unfortunately I can’t take him straight away due to accommodation issues. This should be sorted over the next coming months but for the time being we need to find him a temporary home. I really I would like it to be close to where I live in the 77 but the most important thing is to find Nima stable home where he’s not going to be kicked out. Has anyone got any ideas or a way to help us?

Thank you.