Party or no party

should large groups gather together to celebrate

Like playing Russian roulette - with other people’s lives.


yes that is why I am not attending


I think it depends on the individual concerned and whether they are at a higher risk.

Sadly, they go on to spread it indiscriminately among the rest of the population.


That’s the issue you may be asymptomatic yourself,and at low risk but you could spread it to someone who isn’t

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We are going to be six for lunch tomorrow and I will be very careful because two are not our immediate neighbours.

Now off to a picnic, will probably be 14 of us maximum.

We went to a party last weekend. About 20-25 people. Everybody well spread out along big, big tables. We each brought our own plates and cutlery etc. . And one person would serve a dish, and then place it elsewhere with its serving spoon.

In general people were being very careful.

Those of you who are now meeting/eating together, how do you manage arriving/greeting/leaving/going to the loo?

Namaste/namaskar works well for me on arrival, but any gesture would do. Leaving is just spoken. And I have yet to need to use the toilet in someone else’s house…but have liquid soap, paper towels and a bottle of hand-gel in our house for visitors. I would guess my friends are doing similar.