Passeport Photo

Another silly question I seem to not be able to find the answer to! Does anyone know where you would go to get a passport photo taken?

When I got my French drivers licence I went along to the Prefecture with pictures I had produced myself. NON! I was told! BUT - they have a booth in there which produces "approved" photos for about 4 euros (I think). Try YOUR local Prefecture office.

You can also print out the US requirements and show them to the photographer if he doesn't know what's required. If it's anything like the UK specifications it will be extremely detailed, at least a dozen pages I seem to remember, full of do this, don't do that, no spectacles, no smiles, no background ...

Yup 5 euros in a booth and 7.50 at the photographers and I know they are spot on!

don't go to a booth Donna, go into your local town and go to a photographer's, it's not much more expensive than the booth and he'll most probably know which format/size you need, as tracy said.

I am in France and need to bring a photo to OFII for my Carte de Sejour. In the US, we would just go to a drugstore and they do pictures to US standards. No idea where to go here in rural France. Looked around Leclerc yesterday, but nothing.

I went to the photographers last week for a collection of photographs, UK passport, Carte Professionelle and permis de conduire - all different sizes. The best was when the photographer asked me if the permis was for Cote d'Or or Saone et Loire, although the same region, the departments have different size requirements for the permis.

not sure that they are different as such, just more exacting

ah- didn't know the us had different photo requirements - only ever needed them for france and uk ;-)

not sure that it doesnt need to be a specially authorised place if you're american as I seem to remember their criteria are more draconian than the european. But most of the photo places would know if they were "apt" to do the pic

any high street photographers and you get them within minutes, they'll show you the photo before they print too so you can say if you don't like it and get them to take another one ;-)